• About us

    Cosimer is an independent importer and distributor of beauty and care products.

    More than a local distributor, our goal is to work with the brands we represent and act as their local partner to help them grow to their full potential in the New Zealand market. We achieve this by nurturing and embodying the brand's philosophy, image and objectives while providing them with relevant local market insights that are in synergy with our marketing approach.

    ​We focus on a small number of brands, and this allows us to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients; one that is supported by streamlined digital work processes, from ordering and stock management to dispatch and delivery. Our warehouse facilities are located in proximity to Wellington, a central location for our New Zealand wide reach. 

    We also specialise in the online distribution of innovative and original high quality products through a range of dedicated online stores. Our expertise includes web design, SEO, SEM, e-commerce, order fulfilment,  customer service and social media.

  • Our values

    Forward thinking

    Cosimer is a company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We are prepared to trial novel ideas to develop and grow the brands we represent. As do our customers, we value innovation and strive to make the most of it to grow the presence of the brands we represent in New Zealand.


    We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. For us, this means being meticulous about the brands we choose to represent and the quality of the products they provide. It also means investing a large portion of our resources to respond to our customers' needs and queries. We are also dedicated to the brands we represent. We consider them as close partners and only represent a small number of brands to ensure that we can maintain highly personalised and responsive service levels. 


    We value trust and aim to gain the trust of our customers. We seek to achieve this by being informative, clear, open and transparent in all our communications. More generally, we believe that a successful relationship is one based on trust, which is essential to building the close partnerships that we aspire to with the brands we represent.